Information Technology Services

Assessing business functionality required from system and drawing up a systems requirement document: Every entity opting for a new system has a need to assess comprehensively, business functionality required from such system to draw up a system requirement document covering all aspects thereto. BCMates assists companies in understanding their business comprehensively and documenting its requirements.

Recommending IT security policies and standards and review of practices to ensure compliance with the same: An IS security policy of a business organization normally contains policies/strategies/processes relating to security organization, logical access, net work, communication, internet and e-mail security, hardware and software life cycle management, software license management, virus protection, insurance, change management and version control, security audit logs monitoring. BCMates assists companies in putting such policies and practices in place apart from periodically auditing the same.

Post implementation reviews of new systems: Business organizations require a thorough review of the configuration, processes, masters, transactions, controls etc adopted/put through when a new computer system is implemented, to ensure that such systems are meeting defined goals and objectives.

Data migration audits from legacy to new systems: Business organizations require that data migrated to new computer systems are accurate and free from mistakes. It is possible that data required to operate new systems are different in form and content from that contained in earlier legacy systems. At times, data contained in legacy systems are to be cleansed of errors and inconsistencies. Business entities seek audits to ensure that data migrated to new systems are error free.

Recommend disaster recovery and business continuity processes: In the event of any disaster. This ensures that business processes are not disrupted and maintain a state of continuity. BCP reviews also help in reducing operational risks and can be integrated with risk management practices and information security systems.