Transaction structuring and fund raising

Mergers, acquisitions or business combinations of every kind require a host of professional services covering valuation, structuring of the combination, advising on tax treatment, evaluation of alternatives, assistance in obtaining regulatory approvals, due diligence studies etc. In many a situation, the devil is in the details. Overlooking these may prove to be costly going forward, and in many a case, difficult to retract. A poor due diligence study of a target can throw many sound strategies awry.

Our team is equipped to provide comprehensive services in the following areas:-

  • Carry out valuation exercises- business, shares, intangibles
  • Structure business combinations
  • Advise on tax treatment and evaluate alternatives
  • End to end responsibility for obtaining regulatory approvals
  • Due diligence studies- Operations, legal and tax
  • Drafting of share holders and joint venture agreements